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A 4-page responsive website featuring D&D (Dungeons and Dragons), the biggest and most popular fantasy role-playing tabletop game.
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D&D is an immersive, pen and paper game system that allows players to band together and face whatever their minds can imagine. DM Directory was created to solve the problem that there are no existing sites for finding DMs (Dungeon Masters, the game organizer, narrator, and person in charge) or campaigns. Players have to go to local game groups or forums to do so.

I decided to make a functional site to help people connect, whether to find DMs or sessions in general. D&D character illustration banners are done by @eddy-shinjuku on DeviantArt.


Both the body and header typography are used in official D&D websites and books. Sticking to the same, medieval theme helps users connect to original content.

The icons shown are classic D20s (20-sided dice, core mechanic to many actions in game).

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A simple, dark color palette resembling wizards and spellcasting was applied to further associate the website with D&D. Adding a brighter color helps highlight important elements.


Letters “D” and “M” were taken from the official D&D logo. “M” was constructed from “N” since it is not present in the original.

Inner Pages

Contains a top-rated DM and Campaign page. Draggable slideshow promotes exceptional DMs and Campaigns based on a user rating system. Newest listings also help give fresh posts views.

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