Jasmine Beauty School


A modern, informative enrollment platform for a newly established beauty school. The challenge was to make it trendy yet functional.
launch site


Jasmine Beauty School awarded EEBSMEDIA with a contract to build a website for their soon-to-be opened campus. I was subcontracted for the design. The goals were to inform potential cosmetology students interested in course information and start initial admission process.


Colors that embodied jasmine flowers were used. The cursive type, Great Vibes, reflects the requirements of a traditional and prestigious school while also remaining elegant.

Two color variations were provided. The dark grey one was selected to use for the website.


Headers used the same typography as the logo, and the modern body type Montserrat makes it easy to read in large forms of content.


great vibes


Matching soft, pastel colors accents the nature green of the logo, and various shades of grey is served as a neutral color for the default type setting.


Inner pages includes an about, courses, admissions, services, contact, and enrollment page. Entire website was designed to present information clearly without losing its trendiness.

home page

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