Mother Fuckin Monsters

card game

Inspired by the original card game “Cockroach Poker”, my team member and I made a monster themed, bluffing card game designed for 2-6 players.


Mother Fuckin Monsters is a friendship-ruining, backstabbing party game where the most cunning player wins. The deck includes 66 cards, with 8 copies of 8 types of monsters plus 2 Jokers. Each monster is assigned to a different theme and color.

To divide up work, I illustrated half the cards and my partner Photoshopped the remaining with League of Legend artwork. Matching icons were then drawn for each corresponding subject.


Sorted by hand-drawn to retouched. Themes from top-left to bottom-right is: Slender Man, Ghost (inspired by Pokemon’s Ghastly evolution chain), Witch, Reaper, Scarecrow, Serial Killer, Werewolf, and Vampire.


Shown below is Oedipus as Joker, the back design, icons, and the full packaging layout.


A foldable rule sheet with hand-drawn examples demonstrating the game mechanics. Designed to easily fit into the packaging box.

glamour shots

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